Steelmates Garden Sheds Features

Special Features of Steelmates Garden Sheds

Note: Almost all the imported sheds are from China, and the manufacturers in China are all adopting the same type of design. No matter which other suppliers you get shed from, they are all going to be like the one shown in photos marked as "other sheds". 

1. Stronger Structure

Steelmates garden sheds are configured with 0.4mm colour steel panels or zinc coated panels, and double folded 1.2mm frames. All frames are in U shape, comparing with L shaped framing from other suppliers. For bigger sized sheds, extra supportive crossbars are included for added strength. 

2. Higher Wall Panels

Wall panels height determines the height of the shed, especially the entrance height. Because larger package increase cost of transportation, kitset sheds are commonly equipped with wall panels less than 1.7m long. Steelmates sheds have minimum 1.8m tall panels.  It gives you more headroom, and no more watching your head when you enter or exit the shed. 

3. Quicker Assembly

Majority of kitset garden sheds does not have the combined frames and panels. The installation starts from bottom up, where the bottom frames are set first, then panels are fixed onto the bottom frames. During this process, the panels are not free standing. A second person is required to hold the panels while the installer fixes the screws. The big shes can not be finished within a day, so the unfinished structure will need to be left overnight, unless spending extra amount of time to properly secure the structure, you will see damaged parts in the morning, or trashed in some worst cases.  Steelmates garden sheds, on the other hand, starts the assembly by assembling the side walls, the panels are capped with top and bottom frames. This procedure can be completed indoor.  The finished wall panels are then brought outside, with two screws every corner, the shed will be free standing within 10 minutes.  What's left to do are only the roof panels. Since the Steelmates supply the door assembled, all the field work can be finished within a day, no matter how big the shed is. 

4. Comprehensive Anchor System

A good anchoring system will extend the lifespan of the sheds for years. Steelmates sheds come with corner brackets and dynabolts . Additional anchor clamps and dynabolts and nails can be purchased at extra. Find out more about the anchor kits here.

5. Abundant Accessories

Steelmates provide all the related accessories such as skylight, Louvre windows and solar power lighting. Find out more here

6. Lower Freight

Because Steelmates distribute a huge amount of sheds nationwide, we receive unbeatable rates from transport companies. With Auckland warehouse covers the north island, Christchurch warehouse covers the south island, there is no delay in delivering. Find out freight cost here

7. Shed foundation sorted

We have done the math and provide floor plans for every shed we sell. The floor plan gives on you info timber specs and quantity. Just bring that to your local timber supplier and ask them to cut for you. More info on shed foundation can be found here.