Steelmates Greenhouse FAQ

What is the benefit of having a greenhouse?

The Steelmates greenhouses extend your growing season, add a variety of plants, and protect them from all weather conditions. 

What guarantee do you provide with Steelmates greenhouse?

The Steelmates greenhouses come with 5 years warranty on the polycarbonate sheets, and 10 years on the aluminum frames. 

Is the polycarbonate sheet UV treated

All Steelmates greenhouses come with UV treated polycarbonate sheets. 

What tools are needed to assemble Steelmates greenhouses?

With our smart design, Steelmates greenhouses are assembled with a single wrench. No holes need to be drilled. An impact wrench will definitely speed up the process. 

Do you have one on display?

Yes, we have a fully assembled greenhouse on display in our Auckland store. 

How easy is it to erect a Steelmates greenhouse

All Steelmates greenhouses come with easy to follow step by step instructions. No special tool or skill needed. If you don't have time, we also have contractors who can assemble for you nationwide. 

What is the base made of?

The Steelmates greenhouses do come with a base, you can plant out of ground inside. You can add the foundation kit with your greenhouse, with the foundation kit, it saves a lot of effort to make the base of the greenhouse leveled and square.