Steelmates Greenhouse Features

1.  Six-millimeter thick polycarbonate sheets.

Avoid 4mm thick models, because they are not suitable for New Zealand weather. The only selling point of the 4mm models is the price, the manufacturers always equip them with panels made from recycled material. The end result is that they will turn milky quickly, becomes brittle quickly, and most of them won't even survive one winter! 

Our hothouses use polycarbonate sheets is made from virgin material. The quick way to tell the difference between virgin and recycled material, is by the colour, the recycled ones will be slightly darker. If you hold them against light, small particles can be observed on sheets made from recycled material, whereas the virgin ones are completely transparent. 

2.  Structure

There are two main types of greenhouses structure:

The first type is Clipped on. The whole greenhouse aluminum skeleton gets assembled first, then the polycarbonate panels being held in position by wire clips around. The advantage of this is quick assembly. However, the wire clips are not sufficient to hold the panels firm enough, it would usually have problem like the wobbly noises. Then there will be panels being blown away almost certainly whenever there is a storm.

Our greenhouses on the other hand, has grooves on every aluminium profile, the polycarbonate slides into the position during assembly. It does take longer to be assembled, but there is absolutely no chance the panels can be blown out. Plus there is a diagonal bracing behind almost every polycarbonate sheet. 

3.  Stainless steel bolts and nuts

Since 2014, all greenhouses from Steelmates are equipped with stainless steel bolts and nuts. Aluminum is more expensive than steel, and stainless steel is a lot more expensive than aluminum. Whereas the majority of greenhouses on the market uses galvanized steel bolts and nuts, their durability cause structural failure in the long term. 

4.  Easy Assembly

All of our greenhouses under 10 sqm can be assembled within a day. We also have contractors covering nationwide assembly services.